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KITANO midwifery-clinic

Nagoya Meito-ku Yashiroguchi 2-913-1
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Midwife:Sumiyo Kitano

Welcome to KITANOmidwifery-clinic!
I’m Sumiyo Kitano, midwife. I was born in 1964 and got my midwifery license in 1987.
I had worked for several hospitals before I started this midwifery-clinic in 2003.
For 19 years I have taken care of more than 400 women who gave birth at home or visited my clinic.
If you have a question about my work or your giving birth,don’t hesitate to ask me anytime.

Business outline

Giveng birth pregnancy check up at 15-40weeks(only if you will give birth with me)
giving birth in the clinic and staying here(family members may also stay)
giving birth at home and after birth visiting(does not include housekeeping)
health check up for baby and mom.

Consultation about breast-feeding,child-raising.

Conditions on accepting giving-birth

Those expecting a normal vaginal childbirth are welcome.
I do not accept patients who would like to deliver vaginally, but have previously had a caesarean section.
If it will be your first childbirth, I will ask about your age, height,etc. before accepting.
I will ask you to go to see obstetricians at Hoshigaoka-maternity-hospital several times during your pregnancy.
There are female or English-speaking doctors in the hospital.
If you have any health problems, the hospital will help you.
(It’s not guaranteed that the female doctors will be available in an emergency)
Before coming to me, please take the maternity check up and examinations at the hospital and make sure you don’t have any infectious disease or other health problem.


Pregnancy check up 4,000Yen each.
Your local government can give you some vouchers for the check-ups with your maternity-health-handbook.
If you live in Nagoya, Owariasahi, Inazawa, Tushima-city, the vouchers will cover the cost of your check-ups.
If you live in other cities, you have to pay 4,000Yen each time and go to your health center to be reimbursed after childbirth.
Please ask your local government for details.

Childbirth 500,000Yen for both in-clinic or at-home birth.
Price includes 4nights-stay(food, laundry, etc. for all of your family members)or 4days after-birth visits(No housekeeping).
As long as you have Japanese health insurance, they pay 420,000Yen for each childbirth and there is a system to pay directly from them to me.
So, there is no cost for you.
But, if you need to go to a hospital and give birth there because of any health problem, you might pay 150,000-250,000 additional Yen.

Consultations  4,000Yen each.

Home-visit-treatment  1000Yen each + expressway toll if it needed


12 minutes walk from Kamiyashiro Station on the Nagoya Municipal Subway Higashiyama Line.
3 minutes walk from Imonoshihora Bus Stop on the Nagoya Municipal Bus.
(※ Please note that there are several bus stops in the same Imonoshihora bus stop for each destination.)



【お問い合わせ先】助産院 北野ミッドワイフリー

TEL 052-776-5889

FAX 052-776-5874